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Dinning Table

Dining Tables

Don’t you ever feel like you need to upgrade your dining room, living room, lounge or kitchen? Are you looking for something new, out of the box, and remarkable? Well, we have everything you need, we are here to solve all your problems. We have glorious looking dining tables and table tops available in wood, marble, granite, metal, glass, steel, and porcelain. All kinds of styles, from traditional to modern-day are available under one roof.

Pick the one you like, place it at your place, and thank us later. You’ll love it.


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2 Seater Dining Tables

Are you two a cute and lovely couple who are looking for a two-seater dining table for just the two of you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Our 2-seater dining tables provides perfect seating to enjoy delicious and cozy meals with your loved ones. Eden’s 2 seater dining tables have been manufactured with precision and style. They are perfect for small apartments or close corners in your home. Feel and cherish the joy of sharing meals in a delightful setting that’s ideal and right for you and your partner.

4 Seater Dining Tables

Feel and celebrate the warmth and joy of togetherness with Eden’s 4-seater dining tables. Especially designed for small families and close-family gatherings. They are an ideal balance of space and intimacy. Create cherished memories and share wonderful moments over mouthwatering meals with your closest and dearest family and friends.

6 Seater Dining Tables

6-seater dining tables available at Eden’s are specifically made for families that adore to dine together. If you enjoy having lively family dinners at home with laughter and great small family jokes or just a normal routine get together with friends like a one-dish party, our 6 seater dining tables offer abundant space for everyone to be seated comfortably. Bond over the meals in a spacious setting.

8 Seater Dining Tables

Are you a large family searching for a spacious seating to enjoy delicious meals with your loved ones and bond over breakfast, lunch, supper or dinner? Well, then our 8-seater dining table is the perfect choice for you. Enhance your dining area with our 8-seater dining tables where families or those who love inviting and entertaining guests can have ample of room for everyone. Perfect choice for having feasts and home parties.

All dining tables in our collection are created with special care and attention, focusing on minor to major details to ensuring excellent quality and durability. Select the ideal size that fits your lifestyle and helps your dining area become the heart of your sweet and beautiful home.

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