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Sofa Sets

Sofa Set

Do you want your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room to standout from others? Do you have a lot of guests and visitors coming at your place and want them to feel comfortable and relaxed? Well, in this aspect, you’ve come to the right place!

We have a huge variety of sofa sets available of different brands just for you! A huge range of stylish, trendy, classy and practical designs are present in our shop to generate a multifunctional space.

Our 1 seater, 2 seater (some may also call this one a love seater), 3 seater and corner sofas are available in all colors and fabrics. You name it, we have it.    

Our corner sofas are unique and fashionable. They’ll brighten up your room.

These sofas are comfy, cozy and relaxing in nature. We guarantee you that our sofas will adopt your home. Our sofas are best and convenient for having long jolly conversations with guests. Your guests will feel like home. Just lean back, close your eyes, and enjoy the magic of these sofas.

You’ll definitely love the plush sofas; it’s fluffy and soft texture will help you get rid of day to day stress and tensions.

Decorate your room by placing our luxurious and elegant looking sofa sets and enjoy their comfort.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to our store to and shop our exclusive sofa set collection with conventional and present-day styles and sizes to match and suit everyone’s needs.

1 Seater Sofas

Our single seater sofas are available in leather, viscose, velvet, wool, and many other materials and fabrics, it all depends on your requirements and need, and of course, the settings of your room. You will be able to find recliners as well here, the perfect 1 seater to support your back after a hectic daily routine. They are tremendously comfortable and provide a perfect choice to chill and put your feet up.

You can check out our delivery options at the bottom of the page. For any query or consultation, please free to contact us.

2 Seater Sofas

Our 2 seater handmade sofas are available in sophisticated designs providing comfort in an extensive range of colors, textures, materials and fabrics. If you are looking for small sofas, we have those too! You can always consult our expert designers to enhance your living space and give an elegant look.

3 Seater Sofas

Our 3 seater handmade sofas are available with low arms and high backs, with deep seats and lavish back cushions. Whether you are in search of a velvet one or Whether you are looking for a velvet, viscose, wool, cotton, linen or any other materials, you can tailor your personalized sofa to suit and match the design scheme you have in mind.

4 Seater Sofas

Our 4 seater sofas are extra-large in size. There is ample space to sit and relax, perfect for big families. Classic and elegant designs are available with soft and fluffy back cushions that will be supportive for your back. Want to know an amazing plus point? You can customize your own 4 seater sofa and cushions from thousands and thousands of fabrics to choose from. Once you unwrap your chosen sofa set at your home, in your mind you will say ‘thank goodness, this is just exactly what I was looking for and hoping for’. Visit us today and thank us later.

Corner Sofas

A perfect way to make the most of your small living space is to use a corner sofa. They are ideal for fitting about 5 to 7 people with comfort and ease. You can situate our corner sofas in any corner of your lounge that you prefer would best suit there. Most of us have large families and extended families who love to entertain our guests, which as a result, enables several people to be seated happily and restfully in a small space. We are sure that our corner sofas would be an outstanding choice to have personal and close conversations and daily gossips with spouses, friends and siblings. Also, it’s best for spending time with kids and cuddling up with them.

How will I know which fabric I must choose?

You are always welcome to visit our store. Look through the catalogues available here. Feel the texture of the fabrics. Imagine or visualize in mind that ‘if I like this fabric, how will it be appearing in my room with my color scheme?’ This will help you get an idea. There is no hurry. You can select your favorite fabric from Edens, and take your time in making your final decision. You can also consult our team of expert designers for more information and suggestions.

Will it fit and adjust in my living space?

Don’t panic. Just take deep breaths and calm down. Choose the one that is according to your need and desire.

Remember to measure the dimensions of your living space of where you want to be placing it with a measuring tape. Find the appropriate length and width of your room before approaching to us.

Another helpful technique is that you can spread blank papers, newspapers, or any other kind of paper in that particular space where you want your brand new sofa to be. This will help you give a speedy thought or an idea how much of your space your couch probably would take and how much breathing room or negative space you will have around it.

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